You are currently viewing Day 73: 100 Pots in 100 Days

Day 73: 100 Pots in 100 Days


Day 73: 100 Pots in 100 days

Nearly 3/4 of the way! We have raised over £300 towards the website – exact figures coming next week.


Not quite £3000 but a tenth of the way is better than a kick up the bottom.


Perhaps I will get a sudden influx of people wanting to win one of the pots when they can see them glazed?? Ever the optimist!


Today I made slip with my father. I have to admit to yelling at him as he tried to do it for me. Sometimes I am like a grumpy teenager but he was his usual patient and charming self and we got through with me humbly begging for forgiveness and him blaming my bad mood on hormones – he is probably right.


I have made lots of bottles of slip ready to add exciting things to so that I can create wonderful colours. I am very excited. I am even going to make some terra sigillata which I hope to burnish. I am going to add iron and use terracotta clay to make orange. terra sigillata is a bit like the cream on the top of the milk and is made of the finest particles. That wording was from my beloved. Thank you Mike.


I also played with a ceramic underglaze pencil!! I had been wanting to try tangling on a pot and bought this pencil to see if it worked. I started my first tangle today with this pencil. I then, for the blog, did a bit of research as I thought you might enjoy seeing how it was done. Low and behold the woman (sorry american voice) was talking about entangling with the same pencil! Well blow me down with a feather duster. 


I have thrown two pots with the specific intention of using the slip. I will put them on my blog along with photographs of the slip, the ceramic pencil on a biscuit pot and a photograph of my dog as well – because everyone enjoys a good pet photo.

Love to all from grumpy Holmes


So I learnt about making slip today and using ceramic underglaze pencils. This is what I found out…

Ceramic Pencils

Underglaze Decorating Pencils are ideal for shading, fine line drawing or identification. You apply the underglaze pencil to bisque ware to create a variety of unique decorative designs. After decorating, dust lightly with a brush to remove excess particles. Sponge on first coat of clear glaze lightly in order not to smear design – some people use hair spray or a gum as a wash on the design to fix it. Let dry and brush additional coats of clear transparent glaze. The maximum firing temperature is cone 10 for blue, black, and green, cone 5 for brown and yellow, and cone 05 for rose. Unlike regular pencils–care must be taken in sharpening Underglaze Pencils. Do NOT use a pencil sharpener. It is best to sharpen them with a knife or blade. All colors are AP Certified Non-Toxic, except for blue.

Making Slip

First you mix up the slip. I have been collecting the clay from the wheel as I clean it. I have two big buckets. One with white stoneware and one with toasted stoneware.

After mixing I sieved the slip through a 40 mesh sieve and then through an 80. There was very little in both.

I then filled 10 bottles, and 10 jars with white and toasted stoneware slip ready to add things to or make into terra sigillata 

Top tips so far?

  • Mix well to start
  • Make sure you put any jugs or mixing things on a clean cloth or board as you do not want to add dirt into the mix once sieved
  • this process is long and you are just at the start – be patient

Pot of the Day Process Gallery


Clay type: White stoneware

Turned and decorated

Decoration: This is a plain cup with a bit of a fancy handle - still extruded but I added and curly bit on the back of the handle.

Biscuit Fired

Kiln: ?
Programme: ?Temperature: ?
Duration: ?
Date: ?


Oxide: ?
Slip: ?
Glaze: ?
Kiln: ?
Temperature: ?
Date: ?

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