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Pot thrown today with 3lb of clay

Day 51: 100 Pots in 100 Days


A short one today as I was preparing for Somerset Art Weeks. I made a flat plate today. I kept the foot really large so that it would hold the weight while it dried and I intend to turn it away. I like the look of thin flat thrown pots. The shape seems beautiful and I can imagine glazing with slips. I hope dad is going to show me that process very soon. 


I also put out  the 106 pots that I have thrown in my life and took a picture which I will try and show you. It is a panorama and I am not sure it will work but one can but try! It has and here it is in its full glory.


Pot 106

I threw this pot late after preparing for Somerset Art Weeks. very tired and liking a flat design. Quite hard to do so I left a lot of foot. Will try and turn it tomorrow morning.


Cat Mills dropped her jewellery over so that I can exhibit her work for a while. I am very chuffed to get her work here. She is an inspiration and her jewellery divine. I wear it!

Somerset art Weeks start tomorrow. We are open from 11 – 6 every day except Mondays when we are closed.

Pot of the Day Process Gallery


Clay type: Toasted Stoneware

Turned and decorated

Decoration: Turned

Biscuit Fired

Kiln: Small
Programme: Biscuit
Temperature: ?
Duration: ?
Date: 20/9/19


Oxide: ?
Slip: ?
Glaze: ?
Kiln: ?
Temperature: ?
Date: ?

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