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Day 27

Day 27: 100 Pots in 100 Days

The same but different

Although the pot from days 26 and 27 may look the same when put side by side they are very different. In fact it is a real skill to make a pot the same 2 days in a row - I am definitely not that skilled!

The First Firing

Today I started to catalogue and record the first pots I made. These are the pots that were made before the 100 Pots in 100 Days started. I threw about 6 in June 2018 and again approximately 30 just before the 100 pots started in June and July of 2019. 

I have learnt that the following things influence how a pot looks once it is fired. There may be more but this is where I am up to so far.

  • The clay: texture and content
  • The way the pot is decorated e.g. if it is burnished
  • If you put a wash on the pot: Copper carbonate or cobalt carbonate this time.
  • The glaze: How weak the glaze solution is and how many times you dip your pot. If you have stirred it properly or recently.
  • The kiln you use
  • The temperature you fire the pot

Fascinating – so I am recording the variables to see what has made a difference. 

Some are truly awful and rather embarrassing but as they are my first pots and first attempts at firing I think I can be forgiven. Dad normally fires my pots and since the move we are rediscovering some old gems and some glaze ingredients that might need a little more care and thought in their use. 

Surprisingly the grey pot was liked by someone! They felt it went in their bathroom so we really are not always the best judge of our own work?

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