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Day 5

Day 5: 100 Pots in 100 Days

Just about to try and update the SANHS website now. It would be good if I could write on one and then transfer it to another website. To begin with I think I might just try and recreate the content! 

I am learning so much on so many different levels from IT to pottery to the history of ceramics, photography and making video. 

Day 5
Day 5

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  1. Rob hutchings


    Remember what Amal said about the neolithic pots shaped like upturned poppy heads?

    perhaps you can do one like that …… mindblowing what?


    1. FiHolmes

      Yes well I hope one of the pots on day 5 will meet with your approval – more flower than poppy.

      I am currently disappointed at my ability to make a pot that resembles anything i my brain. A bit like my sculpture, I start out thinking about ‘A’ and end up creating ’42’. You have to laugh. But I like ’42’.

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